Wingman Planning Launches 100th Responsive Site

(New York, New Jersey)  – Small business marketing and web design firm Wingman Planning announced today the launch of its 100th website created using the Responsive Web Design platform.


“Today’s launch of our 100th site in Responsive Design is a significant milestone,” Wingman Planning President Tom Mirabella said. “We believe this design is revolutionizing the way users get information and we are at the forefront of this new era of technology.”


This digital platform automatically responds to the device being used, therefore content will appear the same whether it’s viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


“Mobile devices are poised to eclipse desktop computers as a dominant Internet platform in the near future,” Mirabella said. “We are helping small businesses compete in their industries by creating websites utilizing this technology.”


 The benefits of creating a site or converting an existing website to Responsive Design are expanded by search. These websites perform well in terms of SEO.


 “This, plus a faster loading time and consistent/tailored user experience, gives our clients an edge,” Mirabella explained.


The 100th website launched was New Jersey pool installer Gorlin Pools, a longtime client of Wingman Planning. The website, is a responsive conversion. 


In addition to responsive web design creation and conversions, Wingman Planning offers various services for small businesses in New York and New Jersey, including CRM system creation, survey research, marketing materials and printing. For more information email or visit