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New For 2014!! Member - To - Member Savings

New For 2014:

Member- To- Member

Savings Program!


We're excited to announce the launch of a new program this year that's exclusive for

our members! The program will advertise your business to fellow members to get them

in your door AND will save you

$$ when patronizing fellow members a definite win-win!


The details are simple...


Send us an email outlining what you would like to offer (examples: a specific

percentage discount such as 10% off all services, a discounted flat fee for a specific

service, buy one get one free/half off, etc.). The offer has to have a real special value

for the members in other words, if you offer everyone a free evaluation of some kind, it

isn't exclusive for our members. We understand that some of our members will be

unable to offer a discount because of the nature of their business.

But all of our members will be able to take advantage of the discounts offered.


Your questions answered...


Can I change what I offer?

Yes you can, but for the sanity of our web developer, we'd prefer that the offer

be for a full year. For greater flexibility you can offer something like..."10% off

all services, ask about even greater seasonal discounts."


Sounds good, but how can I verify that someone is a member?

They'll have a membership card (see sample below). Membership cards

have been mailed to all members who are current in their dues.

All our members are listed alphabetically on our website.

I'd like to shop with fellow members, but how will I know what the offers are?

All offers will be listed on our website under the heading Member To Member Savings.



Have a different question?

Call us at 732-477-4949 and we'll answer it!

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