You have questions.

We have answers.

We’d love to have you as a member of the Brick Township Chamber of Commerce.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 732-477-4949. Or send us an email at

A: No! About 40% of our members’ businesses are in Ocean and Monmouth county towns surrounding Brick. Brick residents travel the area to shop and play, and Brick business owners do extensive business with other locals outside Brick. We welcome all members!

A: First, we’ll introduce your business to hundreds of other business owners and thousands of consumers in the area via our marketing and networking opportunities. These include free radio advertising and print exposure. Each month with the Brick Chamber brings at least two opportunities to get together with fellow business owners and make the connections that generate referrals. One Brick Chamber member estimates he has generated over $500,000 in revenues from Chamber business and referrals in the last five years.

A: We’ve got you covered – please see a current list of benefits here.

A: We won’t make you do anything. But here’s the thing: The more you take advantage of opportunities to meet other members – many of whom may be consumers of your products and services – the more business you will generate. Better still: Our “networking” is painless – members enjoy getting together for an hour or two and, if you’re new, someone WILL find you and welcome you in with introductions.

A: Membership in the Brick Chamber provides unlimited opportunity to meet donors, sponsors, volunteers, and partners who - like your organization - have a true interest in the quality of life in Brick and the surrounding area. We have X non-profit members who enjoy all of the benefits of Chamber membership at our special non-profit membership rate. We will be kicking off a non-profit roundtable in Fall 2017 to bring together our non-profit members and for-profit members to focus on strategies and tactics for non-profits.

A: Yes! Home-based businesses find Brick Chamber membership to be an easy way to meet new customers/clients and to get help and advice from fellow members on all kinds of business issues. (We are sensitive to the unique  needs of home-based business owners as well. We will make sure we promote ways to contact you that suit your preferences without revealing address information if you prefer to keep that private.)

A: Memberships are renewed annually. For members who joined in 2017, renewal is by the month in which you joined the Brick Chamber. For members who joined prior to 2017, renewal is in December/January.