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Member News & Resources

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Business news from our members, as well as a coaches' corner of evergreen tips! Please send news submissions to for posting.


13 Small But Powerful Ways To Become A Memorable Public Speaker

(from member Debra Russell at Artist's EDGE Success Coaching)

Not everyone can speak to a crowd. It requires the right temperament to not only handle that many eyes on you but to deliver a strong performance that can inspire action. You need to speak with clarity, offer unique (or at least concrete) advice, and create an inspired connection between you and your listeners.

So how can you become more likable to an audience? Members from Forbes Coaches Council have the following advice: My answer is #13 - I hope you get value from it.


Why Should I Use Digital Marketing?

(from member Mark Frey, Focal Point Business Coaching)

Ever considered dipping a toe int the digital marketing pool?
Here is my blog entry, published in the latest MODC bulletin, which talks about it!


Password Security

(from member Brian Mirsky, Veranda Technologies)

We all have many passwords in our lives, and we tend to get lazy about changing them. This is a refresher video on password security importance.
Also, in the video I said I would paste a link to this Tech Talk Tuesday which covered PASSWORD MANAGER apps.


Increase Sales with Current Customer Base

(from member Scott Bliss, Sandler Training, Maximum Performance Management, LLC)

Mario was well ahead of his monthly quota, so he was surprised when Jane, his sales manager, asked him to set a higher sales target for the quarter...(MORE)


The Read It To Eat It Project

(Bubbakoos Burritos... Click Here to Read More)